10% COTTON 90% CAT FUR Funny tee

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10% COTTON, 90% CAT FUR. Funny cotton t-shirt printed in Australia.
You know what it’s like.

You come home after a hard day at work only to have your cat rubbing up against your leg, demanding to bSo youed. So you feed the feline its dinner and manage to plop down on a lounge chair only to be surrounded by fur baby glitter.
If you have visitors who complain about cat fur everywhere, you know who not to invite over next time.

AUSTEES is an Australian t-shirt printer that searches the world for the funniest slogans. AUSTEES spends  Sundays locked away in a suburban backyard shed, printing those slogans onto high-quality t-shirts. The t-shirts are then packaged and sent around Australia via Australia post, and if you purchase more than one t-shirt at a time, freight anywhere in Australia is free.


95% of the delivery arrive within five business days. Occasionally, one takes a bit r but not very often.
So once you have purchased,  Iur t-shirt. It should be on your doorstep within a week.
We are not some big multinational concern but a small grassroots one-person operation.


AUSTEES acknowledge the traditional custodians and pays respects to the Elders past, present and future, and the holders of the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia.

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