BEER IS THE ANSWER funny Aussie humour



BEER IS THE ANSWER funny Aussie humour
There are a lot of Australians that will agree that BEER IS THE ANSWER and a lot more that it’s the answer to all questions. Even though there is only one 100% Australian brewery left in Australia, that would be the Coopers brewery which is still 100% Australian-owned and operated, proving that beer is the answer. So I am suggesting, if you are into beer, swap to Coopers ales and help support a genuine Australian company.

AUSTEES is an Australian t-shirt printer that searches the world for the funniest slogans. AUSTEES spendsĀ  Sundays locked away in a suburban backyard shed, printing those slogans onto high-quality t-shirts. The t-shirts are then packaged and sent around Australia via Australia Post. If you purchase more than one t-shirt at a time, freight anywhere in Australia is free.

BEER IS THE ANSWER funny Aussie humour

95% of the delivery arrive within five business days. Occasionally, on,e takes a bit longer but not very often.
So once you have purchased your t-shirt. It should be on your doorstep within a week.
We are not some big multinational concern but a small grassroots one-person operation.


AUSTEES acknowledge the traditional custodian peoples and respects the Elders past, present and future, and the holders of the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia.