Denial Bay

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Denial Bay

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Where Your Expectations Can Take a Permanent Vacation!

Tired of tourist traps? , “Hold my nonexistent beer!”

Sure, we don’t have the usual holiday hoopla. No five-star resorts (unless you count the resident blue swimmer crab colony). There are no trendy cafes with $12 avocado toast (although the Ibis population offers a complimentary side of existential dread with every sunrise). We also want to let you know there was a slight misunderstanding with a local hawker, Sunda Singh, Lolli Kaser Singh and an axe in 1899.

But wait! Wey offer a unique brand of charm!

Craving a quiet getaway? We’ve got miles of deserted beach, perfect for sunbathing (unless you count the occasional rogue V8 Chook (emu) sunburnt from sheer defiance). Our sparkling ocean teems with whiting and squid, just begging to befriend your fishing rod (and then your stomach).

Need a pit stop? We boast the cleanest public toilets this side of the Nullarbor, conveniently located right next to the boat ramp (because who doesn’t love a scenic view while, well, taking in the view?).

Worried about the kiddos? Fear not! This town has a state-of-the-art (well, okay, slightly rusty) playground, guaranteed to keep the little ankle biters entertained for hours. They can swing into oblivion, slide into despair, and see-saw with the crushing weight of existential boredom – just like you did as a child!

Denial Bay: Come for the serenity, stay for… well, you’re already here.

P.S. We have a very enthusiastic hermit crab welcoming committee. They might pinch, but hey, free exfoliation!

Drop in for a short visit, Is there any other kind here?  We dare you to deny it’s an experience!