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Step aside, treadmill, there’s a new workout craze in town, and it comes in the form of eye-rolling. Introducing our hilarious tee: “Eye Rolling Is My Cardio.”

Gone are the days of sweating it out on the elliptical; now, all you need for a full-body workout is a healthy dose of sarcasm and a well-timed eye roll.

Picture this: you strut into the gym sporting this tee, and suddenly, you’re the talk of the treadmill.

Gym bros pause mid-bicep curl to admire your wit, while cardio queens trade in their yoga mats for a chance to bask in the glory of your eye-rolling expertise.

But this shirt isn’t just for the gym rats; it’s for anyone who’s ever felt their eyeballs get more of a workout than their quads.

Whether you’re enduring another round of office small talk or navigating the treacherous waters of family dinner conversations, this tee is your go-to gear for flexing those ocular muscles.

And let’s not forget the power of the keyword “cardio.” Sure, running laps might get your heart pumping, but can it elicit the same level of exasperated amusement as a well-executed eye roll? We think not.

So, slip on this shirt, embrace the eye-rolling revolution, and remember: with a little bit of attitude and a whole lot of humor, you’ll be in peak physical condition in no time.